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Our Approach

Whole Dog University believes in treating the whole dog. This holistic approach treats the mind, body and spirit of the dog. Our effective training uses your dog's instincts and intelligence to produce reliable results.

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Who We Are

professional Dog and Puppy Training

Professional Dog Training

Whole Dog University, LLC is a Christian owned Professional Dog Training and Education company in the Tupelo, Mississippi area with the goal of serving in the Lord's name, you and your dog by helping you both achieve the best relationship possible through better communication and behavior.  

Dogs of all breeds have the potential to be awesome pets and can really enrich our lives and in turn we want to enrich theirs.  At WDU, we work with dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds.  Our services include our puppy head start class teaching the critical fundamentals that can set the tone for the rest of  your dog's life to basic and advanced obedience training, and specialized canine training. 

At WDU we recognize that each dog is unique, with his / her own personality, level of intelligence, temperament, quirks and issues even within the same breed group or litter. We primarily offer private dog training instruction customized to the needs of your individual dog and your individual goals in the areas of basic, advanced obedience training and behavior modifcation if needed.  

Whole Dog University, LLC is an accredited BBB business.  Click the logo to review.

Obedience Training

Puppy Head-Start

Basic skills that help your puppy get a "head start" on living a healthy, balanced life in our domesticated world are the focus of Whole Dog University's Puppy Head Start Program.   [read more...]

Flexible Training Locations

Behavior Modification

Regardless of breed, each dog has it's own personal challenges.  Many factors go into the make up of an individual dog.[read more...]

Quick Tip

BENEFITS OF USING A CRATE: Just as you would not leave a crawling baby or young toddler unsupervised when you cannot provide 100% supervision for safety reasons, you do not want to leave a puppy unsupervised and free to roam and explore your home. Think of a crate as a play-pen for you pup when you cannot give him / her your undivided attention. When purchasing a crate, buy for their adult dog size where they would be able to stand up, turn around and lay down while in their. Just remember, you need to section it off according the size of your growing puppy to discourage eliminating in the crate which is their "den."